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The innovation starts here

There is no adequate medical device on worldwide market, which would provide a prompt treatment for fingers and would be used in pre-medical or medical practice.

Therefore we have invented a medical device which will bring following benefits:

More comfortable use
for healthcare providers
Easy use/manipulation

Designed for comfort

Specially shaped splints are aimed to immobilize fingers in case of fractures, woundings, bites and other disease, where the finger immobilisation will be suitable, without the neccesity of wrist immobilisation. They are used in healtcare sector, in medical and pre-medical practice or first aid. Finger-Fix, with its design, will fit to the palm of the hand (to tenar/hypotenar) and so the whole hand part will achieve its relaxed position.

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Wide scope of variations for any hand sizes

Finger-Fix is manufactured in two forms:

rigid (for pre-medical, medical practice and first aid)

flexible (for rehabilitation)

Our splints are designed for immobilisation of one, two, three and four fingers in sizes S - small, M - medium, L- large and Mini (for children) for single use.. You can read more about the product here.
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