1. What are Finger-Fix splints and what are they used for?

Generally, specially shaped splints are aimed to immobilize fingers on hand in reasoned cases without the neccesity of wrist immobilisation. They are used in healthcare sector, in medical and pre-medical practice or first aid.

2. What forms and sizes can I find on the market?

There are two forms available on the market : rigid (suitable for immobilisation) and flexible (suitable for rehabilitation). Splints are manufactured in four variations in sizes S - small, M - medium, L- large.

3. What are the advantages of splints ?

There is no adequate medical device on worldwide market, which would provide a prompt treatment for fingers and would be used in pre-medical or medical practice. This medical device provides for fingers - full immobilisation in their physiological/relaxed position.

Benefits of specially shaped splints are:

• versatility

• quick-use

• more comfortable use for healthcare providers - thanks to versatile shaping the necessary time to form plaster falls off

• easy use/ manipulation

Recent possibilities of finger immobilisations used by medical professionals, in practice are:

• uncomfortable plastering of fingers

• forming of thermoplastic splints on hands

With the use of plaster fixation, the whole hand and wrist is atomatically immobilised. In most of finger injuries this method is unnecessary.

• finger immobilisation with classical tongue depressor. This immobilisation is not good for soft tissues.

• with the use of manually shaping metal bars, which are bent to wished position

All of these described finger immobilisation methods are general methods used in day-to-day practice. In general, the fingers are immobilised less than it should be necessary and many times with incorrect way.

4. Are the splints registered?

This utility model is registered at Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic under the number : PÚV 162-2018 This medical device is registered at State Institute for Drug Control (Slovakia). Medical device code : J 1245A, J 1246A

5. How are they packed?

They are packed in the packages - 5 piece of splints of same size and form.
There are packs available too - Starter pack, Medium pack.
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6. How can I order the splints?

You can fill in the order form or simply call our customer service number +421 (0) 905 528 411 and place the order with us.

7. What are the payment method options?

The only payment method we accept is Cash on Delivery for the time being.

8. How can I contact you?

You can call our help desk , write an e-mail to us or fill in the contact form.